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Every mom starts pumping for different reasons. Some start immediately after their baby is born because of a health-related circumstance while others choose to exclusively pump right from the beginning. Many mothers often start their pumping journey when returning to work. However, you introduce pumping to your breastfeeding routine, you will give your growing baby the very best nutrition by expressing your breastmilk. Never forget – pumping is breastfeeding!  

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, breast pumps are covered by most insurance providers. Storkpump is Adapthealth’s insurance-covered breast pump program that works directly with your insurance provider to ensure you receive a NEW brand-name breast pump at little to no cost to you. Storkpump by Adapthealth, makes it super easy for you to take advantage of your benefits, and here’s how.  

What You Will Need to Order your Breast Pump: 

✔ Your insurance information or insurance card. 

✔ A prescription from your doctor OR your doctor’s contact information. 

 How To Order Your Breast Pump with Storkpump, by Adapthealth 

  1. Order: Place your order directly on our website. You can also order by phone 844 993 3740 or email at  
  2. Insurance Verification: We check your insurance eligibility for you*
    *Patients may incur out-of-pocket expenses if their deductible and/or out-of-pocket responsibility has not been met with their insurance policy.  
  3. Documentation: Provide a doctor’s prescription or let us contact your doctor for the necessary medical documentation. 
  4. Shipping: We’ll ship your breast pump straight to your front door. 

Here are the answers to our frequently asked questions!  

Q: Is my insurance plan covered? 
A: Most likely! Storkpump works with most major insurance suppliers. To find out if we accept your insurance, call us at (844) 993 3740 or email us at Or, simply place an order and we’ll call you if we detect any issue with coverage. 

Q: What if I don’t know what kind of breast pump I want? 
A: No problem, Storkpump’s online comparison tool can help you select the best breast pump that fits your lifestyle and personal breastfeeding journey.  

Q: Do I have to wait until my baby arrives to order my breast pump through insurance? 
A: No, most insurances allow you to order your pump as early as six months before your due date and up to 1 year after your baby arrives. Some insurance plans require we wait to ship your pump until closer to your due date or after the birth of your baby.  Storkpump will ship out your breast pump as soon as your insurance allows. Once your pump ships, you should get it within 2-3 days based on your location.  

Q: Do I have to do anything after I place my breast pump order? 
A: Not usually. After you complete your online order form, Storkpump will handle the rest. We will even reach out to your doctor to get a prescription if needed.  

Q: Will the breast pump I receive from Storkpump be as good as I’d buy at the store? 
A: Absolutely! Storkpump carries all the major breast pump brands (Medela, Spectra, Willow, Motif, Zomee & more). Just select the one that best fits your lifestyle, and you will receive a brand-new breast pump delivered to your door.  

Q: What about accessories and other breastfeeding essentials?  
A: It is common for insurances to cover milk storage bags, routine replacement accessories, postpartum garments, and more. In addition to your breast pump, Storkpump will work with your insurance provider to review what accessories and supplies are covered.  

 At Storkpump by Adapt Health, we are honored to be part of your breastfeeding journey.  

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Happy Pumping!