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Recall: Ascensia Diabetes Care (ADC)

By November 29, 2023March 6th, 2024Recalls Archive

About the Recall:

Ascensia Diabetes Care (ADC) has notified McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. (MMS) of an Urgent Medical Device Recall regarding one lot of their CONTOUR® NEXT Gen Blood Glucose Meters. This notice has been issued because ADC has determined through customer complaints (22 complaints till 15-Jun-2023) that 579 meters distributed in the United States were packaged into the meter kit and had incorrect factory-set units of measurement where the meters display glucose results in mmol/L rather than mg/dL.

Products Affected:

MMS # MFG Catalog # Description Affected Lot(s) Meter Serial #(s)
1215840 7917 METER, BLOOD GLUCOSE CONTOUR NEXT GEN US EN MG/DL (4/CS) DM01T033P 1057018 1057019 1057020 1057023 1057024 1057025 1057076 to 1057113 1057115 to 1057150 1058501 to 1058750 1060751 to 1060755 1060757 to 1061000

Manufacturer Contact:

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