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Call when leaving the facility

When you are ready to leave, call us at 000-000-0000. Give them your name, DOB, and inform them you are a New Oxygen Patient and are heading home.

How to use a regulator with E-tanks

  1. Locate two small alignment holes on the side of the tank valve.
  2. On the regulator, you will see two small pins and one large pin with a washer. The two small pins match up with the alignment holes on the tank valve.
  3. Place the regulator on the oxygen tank and align the two holes with the pins.
  4. Tighten the “T-handle” on the regulator.
  5. Use the cylinder wrench and turn counterclockwise (to the left) to open the valve. Note: If you hear oxygen escaping, turn the valve off. Verify regulator and washer placement and tighten the regulator “T-handle”.
  6. Check the regulator gauge to verify oxygen level. The tank duration chart below will show you how long your oxygen cylinder will last.
  7. Attach your oxygen tubing to the regulator outlet.
  8. Adjust oxygen liter flow by turning the dial on the regulator to your prescribed flow rate. Most regulators have “windows” or “indicator points” to indicate oxygen flow in LPM.

Turning oxygen off

Turn the valve on the oxygen cylinder clockwise (to the right). Let the oxygen flow until the gauge reads “zero”. Always turn the cylinder off when not in use.

Estimated E-tank duration

Times based on adult regulator.

Estimated D-tank duration

Times based on adult regulator.