1. A security mechanism that you should never share with others
2. All employees are required to report actual or ? concerns of noncompliance to the Corporate Compliance Department
3. Employees should always read the quarterly Corporate Compliance and the monthly All Audit Payer Connection ? to remain informed about compliance matters and audit updates
4. Review the redesigned Company’s Code of Ethics and Business ? which sets the expectations for all employee conduct, ensuring that everyone conforms to the highest ethical and legal standards
5. We must always protect the ? of patient information
6. Do not ? patient information to unauthorized users
7. ? your computer when you are not using it
8. Contact Corporate Compliance when an ? arrives at your location and before the inspection begins
9. If a location has an emergency closure need, a ticket must be filed in FreshService for the ? Credentialing team
10. Attend the monthly ? Talk webinars to learn about audit activity and documentation requirements