1. Access the new Code of Ethics & Business Conduct on AdaptHealth Central
  2. Visit VGMU via AdaptHealth Portal Central > VGMU and sign the Statement of Understanding
  3. Come back to this page to complete the scavenger hunt!
Question 1: What are the company’s DIRECT values?
Answer 1(Required)
Question 2: It is the duty of every __________ to protect the confidential information they have been entrusted with, regardless of its media form.
Answer 2
Question 3: AdaptHealth Policy __________ Conflict of Interest and Disclosure describes in detail all the employee expectations as related to personal conflict of interest.
Answer 3
Question 4: All AdaptHealth employees have an obligation to report actual or suspected non-compliance concerns, and can do so via the following methods:
Answer 4(Required)
By phone at:
Via the EthicsPoint portal at:
By email at:
Question 5: The Reporting Escalation Process consists of 4 Steps, which are:
Answer 5(Required)
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4: