Covid-19 Response

At AdaptHealth, the continued health and safety of our employees and patients is our highest priority. We are working to maintain normal business operations while serving patients in our local offices and retail stores in accordance with local and state mandates.

We are also leveraging our technology and distribution infrastructure to care for patients remotely, reducing person-to-person contact. We are continuing to deliver equipment and supplies to patient homes, and we offer telehealth and phone set-up options for our patients’ safety and convenience.

As an essential business, AdaptHealth is continuing to service new and current patients, as well as hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Patient-facing personnel have been provided personal protective equipment to ensure the health and safety of patients, their caretakers, and our employees. Continual education and communications are being provided in accordance with CDC guidelines about prevention and limiting the spread. Hand washing guidelines and other prevention methods are posted throughout our office locations.

AdaptHealth will care for COVID-19 patients just as we care for other infectious disease patients. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, follow the medical advice of your healthcare provider, and consult your physician if your medical condition changes.

Contact your local AdaptHealth office with any questions regarding our COVID-19 company policies.

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