Our Response to COVID-19

During this challenging time, we want to reassure our patients, their caretakers and healthcare partners that we stand ready to support throughout this public health crisis and beyond.


March 27th 2020

HME Business Podcast

Respiratory HMES and COVID-19, featuring Josh Parnes



Answers to our most recently asked questions. Can’t find your question listed below, please contact us here.

I’m a patient:

I currently receive respiratory services from AdaptHealth. Are you still continuing to service me?

AdaptHealth will continue to provide quality services our patients. We are working to maintain normal business operations and have implemented social distancing precautions and additional measures to protect the health and safety or our employees and patients.  Contact your local AdaptHealth office with questions.

My doctor has referred me to you for a CPAP machine. Do I have to come to your store to get set-up?

AdaptHealth is pleased to offer flexibility in our set-up process. We are still continuing to service patients in our local offices but are also leveraging our technology and distribution infrastructure to care for patients remotely, reducing person-to-person contact. This includes telehealth and phone set-up options

Are you currently experiencing shipping delays in CPAP and other supplies?

At this time, we are not experiencing, nor do we expect, any significant shipping delays for CPAP equipment or supplies.

Are your retail stores still open?

As an essential business, AdaptHealth is continuing to service the public. Our retail stores remain open. Accommodations have been made to individual stores in accordance with local and state mandates. Please contact your local store with questions.

Are your local offices still open?

Most AdaptHealth locations are currently remaining open, but we are monitoring governmental and medical guidance very closely and acting accordingly.

How are you protecting your employees?

AdaptHealth is leveraging technology to serve and care for patients while reducing person-to-person contact. Patient-facing personnel have been provided personal protective equipment to ensure the health and safety of both patients, their caretakers, and our employees. Continual education and communications are being provided in accordance with CDC guidelines about prevention and limiting the spread. Hand washing guidelines and other prevention methods are posted throughout our office locations.

How are you protecting me as a patient?

When caring for patients, our staff are utilizing universal precautions and are armed with personal protective equipment. This includes gloves, gowns, masks, and hand sanitizer. When possible, we will serve patients by shipping product, leveraging telemedicine services and providing limited contact home deliveries.

Are you still delivering equipment?

Yes. At this time, we do not expect any significant delays with delivery, set-up times, or shipping.

Are you providing service to COVID-19 patients?

Yes. AdaptHealth is a critical healthcare organization and we will care for COVID-19 patients just like we care for other infectious disease patients. The continued health and safety of our employees and our patients is our highest priority. AdaptHealth employees will be utilizing universal precautions and personal protective equipment when providing care.

What is my wait time to receive my supplies/equipment?

At this time, we do not expect any significant delays with delivery, set-up times, or shipping.

Can I continue to use my PAP device if I’m diagnosed with COVID-19?

The diagnosis of COVID-19 will not change your sleep apnea diagnosis or your need to continue using PAP therapy. You should continue to use your PAP device because a full night’s sleep benefits your overall health. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you need to follow the medical advice from your healthcare provider.  If your medical condition changes, you should consult your physician.

If I’m diagnosed with COVID-19, should I continue using my PAP device or get a new one?

If you are being treated for COVID-19, you should share with your doctor or clinical team your pre-existing conditions and what devices you are already using and follow their advice. As described by the World Health Organization, the key risk for spreading COVID-19 is person-to-person transmission in close contact. The most important advice in controlling the spread of COVID-19 is washing your hands, good hygiene, and social distancing. Maintaining the cleanliness of your PAP device according to the user guide is always a good practice to reduce infection risk to anyone else from any contaminated surfaces.

Should I sleep in the same bedroom with my spouse or other family members while on the PAP device?

It is recommended by the CDC that all persons that are infected with COVID-19 sleep in a separate room with the door closed. There is a chance that aerosolized droplets from your PAP device can increase the chance of exposure to other family members.

Can I give my CPAP device to a family member to treat COVID-19?

Your CPAP device has been prescribed for personal use only and cannot be used by more than one person without following a disinfection protocol set forth in our user guide. A CPAP machine is used to treat sleep apnea.

Am I at greater risk for getting COVID-19 if I use my CPAP?

You are not at higher risk of catching COVID-19 if you use a CPAP device. Please ask your medical professional for more specific information about your concern.

What if distilled water is not available in my area? What can I use in my humidifier?

If distilled water is not available, alternatives for short-term use are purified bottled water (without added minerals) or tap water (preferably filtered). If these options are chosen, more rigorous humidifier cleaning is advised to prevent excess mineral buildup in the tub. Water that might not be treated or purified (well water, for example) should be avoided.

Do you have contactless thermometers for sale?

To inquire about contactless thermometers for sale, please fill out this form.

Do you have pulse oximeters for sale?

To inquire about pulse oximeters for sale, please fill out this form.

I’m a healthcare professional:

Are you still continuing to service hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and local offices?

Yes. AdaptHealth will continue to serve hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We are adhering to the specific guidelines of each facility we visit. To further provide support, we are able to facilitate order online, via fax and by phone.

I have a patient that needs to be set up for a CPAP. Can you service them?

Yes. AdaptHealth is continuing to service new CPAP patients as normal.  We areutilizing both in-office and telehealth setups to accommodate the individual needs to each patient.

How are you taking orders during this time?

AdaptHealth is currently processing orders as normal, utilizing our online platforms, fax and phone.

Are you continuing to deliver equipment to patient’s homes?

Yes. We are continuing to deliver equipment and supplies to patient homes. We do not expect any significant delays with delivery, set-up times, or shipping. Our employees are equipped with personal protective equipment and are utilizing other precautionary measures, including limited contact deliveries, to ensure our patients receive the equipment they need.

Are you currently selling respiratory equipment directly to healthcare facilities?

To request more information about AdaptHealth’s services for healthcare facilities, please fill out this form and a member of our team will reach out.

Are you currently selling contactless thermometers to organizations and healthcare facilities?

To request more information about AdaptHealth’s services for healthcare facilities, please fill out this form and a member of our team will reach out.