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AdaptHealth is proud to carry contactless infrared thermometers, pulse oximeters, & Lumin Sanitizers

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Contactless Infrared Thermometers

Choose the best in thermometers to slow the spread. Protect yourself and others with no contact temperature checks.

Why Infrared Thermometers?

  • + Ideal for businesses, healthcare facilities and individuals
  • + Be prepared for CDC guideless as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted
  • + Easy to use
  • + High temperature alert
  • + Accurate and fast with 1 second response time
  • + FDA approved

Slow the spread with regular temperature checks.

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Pulse Oximeters

Monitor your oxygen levels at home, with ease. Pulse oximeters monitor trends in your pulse and oxygen saturation levels. During an illness, they can show low oxygen level trends before shortness of breath is felt.

Why Pulse Oximeters?

  • + Reliable and simple to use
  • + Fever, respiratory rate, cough, pulse and being our of breath paired with lower oxygens are signs to contact your doctor and stay out of the hospital
  • + If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, your doctor might recommend you monitor your oxygen levels
  • + Mobile apps, smart watches, and exercise monitors are not intended to track changes in blood oxygen levels related to illness and become unreliable outside of the normal range

Avoid serious illness and possible hospitalization.

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UV Sanitizers

Using ultraviolet technology, the Lumin sanitizes your CPAP, CPAP accessories, and frequenty used objects.

Why Lumin?

  • + Quick 5-minute cycle
  • + Kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, pathogens, and fungi
  • + Safe natural UV light used clean
  • + Sanitation of any item enough to fit in the drawer (including keys, toothbrushes, remotes, and more)
  • + Easy to use
  • + Does not require regular replacement of parts

Remove viruses and germs with Lumin today.

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