Our ESG Overview

At AdaptHealth, we are building a robust framework for emphasizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues throughout our business. Read more>

Our ESG Overview

At AdaptHealth, we are building a robust framework for emphasizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues throughout our business. Read more>

Ethics &

At AdaptHealth, we foster a culture of ethical conduct, integrity, and open communication, conducting business in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our industry-leading compliance program is a critical enabler for delivering high quality care to our nearly 4 million patients.


AdaptHealth’s compliance program spans the entire enterprise, including all subsidiaries. More>

Data Security

Automated, compliant &  integrated. Our best-in-class technology platform improves the patient experience. More>


Because we recognize the importance of managing our environmental impact to help ensure a healthier planet for generations to come, we are committed to developing understanding of environmental impact metrics and identifying opportunities to improve.


Managing Our Environmental Impact

We collect data to understand and positively influence consumption and environmental impact. More>

Product Life Cycle

In addition to leveraging technology for efficiency and innovation, we evaluate our products to determine other ways to maximize utility and minimize environmental impact. More>


AdaptHealth strives to attract and retain talented employees who are both aligned to our vision and effective in the fast-paced and high-growth environment in which we operate. Our DIRECT values framework guides our employees’ actions every day as they work to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients.


Engagement & Development

We strive to attract and retain talented employees who will thrive in our high-growth environment. More>

Diversity & Inclusion

Every employee, patient, and partner should feel included every day, in all situations. More>

Our Products
& Services

AdaptHealth is the leading innovator in healthcare at home, providing best-in-class services and superior technology to improve patient lives while reducing the overall cost of care.


Better Care through Innovation

Equipment and services that allow patients to live their best lives out of the hospital & in their homes. More>

Quality, Safety

Providing patients with safe, high-quality therapy products and equipment. More>


“AdaptHealth’s growth as a business in recent years has allowed us to positively impact millions of patients and thousand of employees. To continue to grow and to expand that positive impact, we take a proactive approach to environmental, social, and governance issues. We are building a robust ESG framework that will support sustained growth for years to come.”

Steve Griggs, CEO of AdaptHealth


Our Framework

At AdaptHealth, we are building a robust framework for emphasizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues throughout our business.

In addition to having our DIRECT values to guide us, achieving our mission and realizing our vision requires focus on long-term financial sustainability and the prudent management of ESG matters. We continue to assess and improve our policies and processes in these areas, and are committed to advancing ESG efforts to drive value for team members, customers, shareholders, and communities. Through a thoughtful and coordinated approach, our ESG strategy will support business growth while staying at the forefront of the evolving ESG principles in healthcare.


The Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors oversees AdaptHealth’s corporate responsibility approach and activities. This includes oversight of environmental and social matters and review of ESG-related strategy, initiatives, policies, and risk management. The Nominating and Governance Committee assists the Board in developing and maintaining AdaptHealth’s corporate governance policies and guidelines. We believe this structure facilitates strong Board-level ESG oversight. Additional information related to AdaptHealth’s corporate governance can be found on our Investor Relations page.

AdaptHealth also uses an ESG Task Force comprised of cross-functional leaders from Compliance, Legal, People, and Operations, as well as Executive Leadership. The ESG Working Group reports to the Compliance Committee of the Board on an as-needed basis.

ESG Focus Areas

In 2022, in partnership with external ESG experts, AdaptHealth undertook an assessment of ESG topics and principles applicable to our business. In developing our ESG strategy, we referenced the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards related to Health Care Distributors.

We have aligned our ESG strategy and initiatives in four areas fundamental to our business.

  • Ethics & Accountability
  • Environmental Impact
  • Our People
  • Our Products & Services