How to get started

Please fill out this form with all of your details and one of our Digital Ordering Specialsits will contact you and walk you though the entire process.

If you would rather see and overview, we invite you to book your demo here.

Setting up a new user

If your facility is already set up to order through Parachute Health, adding you as a user is easy!

Your Parachute health Admin can add you anytime by following these instructions. If your admin is not available at this time to add you, please send an email to and include the facility name, your first/last name and email address and they can get you added.

1. Click on your name at the top right corner of the page and then
click “Manage Users”.

This brings you to a screen with a list of all users at your facility.

2. Click the “+ User” button.

3. Fill out the following form and click “Save”.

4. Lastly, click “Send Welcome Email” so the new user can set a
password and activate their account.

Placing an order

If you are already setup with an ePrescribe platform (i.e. Parachute Health, DME Script, GoScripts) and need help placing your first orders, AdaptHealth has a team of digital order specialists that can walk you through step-by-step.

Call our Order walk-through help line If you are placing an order now, and want a digital ordering specialist to guide you, please call our Order Walk-Through Line at 800-797-8497. 

Email our Digital Order Team Send the name of your healthcare organization, your name, and contact number to our digital order team and one of our specialists will reach out as soon as possible.

Ready to place your first orders?