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Empowering our patients to live their best lives healthy at home.

AdaptHealth is the premier home medical equipment provider, offering a broad spectrum of HME products and respiratory services with onsite service locations across the United States. A fully integrated network of HME companies that share centralized call centers and a uniformed billing system, AdaptHealth is committed to technological advancement through software and equipment. The comfort and recovery of our patients is our highest priority as we strive to offer our patients a clinically innovative experience.

Our Brand Promise

AdaptHealth is changing lives by investing in the tools, technology, and people to enable our patients to live the highest quality of life their disease state allows.

  • Patient First
  • Specialized Teams working together and dedicated to ensuring consistency of care.
  • Provide an enhanced high-quality experience created by managing the whole patient.
  • Delivered by our: Commitment to Compliance, Timely Intervention, and Outcome-driven programs
  • We are not just an equipment provider!
  • We are an extension of our referral sources into the patient’s home.

Products, Geographics Reach & Technology

AdaptHealth has the product breadth, geographic reach and technology and service capabilities to support our patient care objectives.

  • Geographic Reach – Largest full-service providers with a comprehensive product suite
  • Leading Technology – Industry leading service and technology capabilities to optimize the patient experience, efficiency, and outcomes

Comprehensive Best-in-Class Services


Oxygen therapy

Sleep therapy

Respiratory medications

Durable medical equipment


Urology & incontinence

Breast pumps

Orthotics & bracing


Home modifications

Wound care