Ameda Universal HygieniKit™ Silicone Replacement Tubing

These replacement tubes, compatible with the HygieniKit Milk Collection System, can easily be added to your breastfeeding setup to replace parts without missing a beat. Silicone tubing connects the pump to the HygieniKit Mya Milk Collection System. With the closed system, milk does not enter the tubing. Please note: This tubing is only compatible with HygieniKit breast pumps, not with the Mya Milk Collection System, Mya pump, and Mya Pro pump.




  • Two (2) silicone tubing
  • Preserve the milk’s quality with our closed-system pumping.
  • Our Breast Pump Replacement Tubing is entirely BPA and DEHP free
  • Maintain peak pump performance by replacing parts as needed.
  • Works with your Ameda HygieniKit breastfeeding equipment to create the easiest possible pumping process.