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Safety Tips

Your safety and well-being are a priority at AdaptHealth.

Guidelines to prevent falls at home


  • Use a shower seat
  • Install grab bars
  • Use non-skid strips on tub
  • Beware of wet floors


  • Use rails on steps
  • Secure rugs on steps
  • Repair broken steps
  • Keep stairs clutter-free


  • Ensure adequate lighting
  • Use nightlights
  • Remove clusters of wires
  • Keep a charged flashlight ready


  • Remove torn or curled rugs
  • Remove throw rugs and runners
  • Repair weakened floors
  • Make sure all paths are clutter free

Additional Guidelines

  • Use firm chair with armrests and good back support
  • Beware of polished floors
  • Beware of pets underfoot
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Place regularly used items within reach
  • Wear non-skid shoes with treads
  • Avoid reaching too far forward
  • Hold objects close to your body
  • Consider an alarm or carrying a cell phone to get help in case of a fall
  • Consider wearing a medical alert device (talk to your doctor)

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