Interested in a CGM or insulin pump?

Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and insulin pumps can help patients better manage their diabetes and provide more flexibility in their day to day lives.


CGMs track glucose levels constantly throughout the day and night. Patients can replace finger sticks by utilizing a CGM. While traditional blood glucose monitors provide a point in time reading, CGMs provide trends and improve understanding where blood sugar has been and where it is going. CGMs measure glucose readings in interstitial fluid (a thin layer of fluid that surrounds the tissue cells below your skin) instead of blood from painful finger sticks.

With a CGM you can:

  • Reduce or limit painful finger sticks
  • Receive alerts to potentially harmful high and low blood sugars to encourage immediate correction
  • Share data with caregivers and healthcare providers (even when apart)
  • See how food, physical activity, illness, and medications affect glucose levels
  • Help manage your A1c

Insulin Pumps

Patients on both fast-acting (mealtime) and long-acting insulin may benefit from an insulin pump. An insulin pump utilizes only fast-acting insulin to mimic a functioning pancreas by delivering micro doses of insulin to the body via a cannula (small tube) under the skin. Users can bolus insulin for meals or when needed for a correction dose.

With an insulin pump you can:

  • Deliver smaller doses of insulin
  • Reduce low blood sugars from stacking insulin (taking too much insulin in a short amount of time)
  • Simplify dosing for meals and snacks
  • Have more flexibility in your day
  • Help manage early morning high blood sugar, also called the “dawn phenomenon”

If you are interested in adding a CGM or insulin pump to your treatment plan, please discuss this with your healthcare provider so our team can help you find the right products to fit your needs.

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