Pharmacy Inc.

Our pharmacy experts simplify your life by working with your physician to obtain all documentation needed for Medicare coverage. You pay little to no cost for medication and supplies delivered to your home.

Nebulizer Medications Available:

  • Albuterol
  • Ipratropium
  • Budesonide
  • Perforomist & Brovana
  • Nebulizer Circuits
  • Nebulizer Compressors
  • Yupelri
  • DuoNeb

Order from ONE provider & simplify your respiratory care.

Nebulizer Medication + Nebulizer Kits & Tubing + Nebulizer Compressors

Choose the Right Drug for the Right Benefit

Patient’s Insurance

Drugs & Anticipated Cost

Medicare B with a Qualified Secondary

Albuterol, DuoNeb, Budesonide, Brovana, Performist, and Yupelri are little to no cost to the patient

Medicare Part B with State Medicaid

Albuterol, Duoneb and Budesonide are little to no cost to the patient with contracted State Medicaid Plans

Medicare Part B with No Secondary

Albuterol and DuoNeb copay is approximately $10. Budesonide copay is less than $20. LABAs and LAMA copay is 20% of the current allowable

Medicare Replacement or Advantage Plans

Various copays depending on the plan. Patient copays will be no cost at all or 20% of the allowable

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