We specialize in progressive and irreversible diseases, like COPD, with the ultimate goal of becoming an extension of our healthcare providers into the home.


Breathe A Little Easier

We specialize in progressive and irreversible diseases, like COPD and Neuromuscular diseases, with the ultimate goal of becoming an extension of our healthcare providers in the home.

  • Nebulizers & Nebulizer Medications through Pharmacy, Inc.
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Ventilation
  • Ambulatory Products / Wearable Ventilation & Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Airway Clearance Devices

Greater Success. Patient Comfort. Fewer Readmissions.

A program centered around optimizing our patient’s quality of life.

Our specialized teams coordinate and collaborate to manage the entire disease state:

  • Provides an individualized patient plan of care
  • Reduces the patient’s symptom burden
  • Lowers the risk of exacerbation
  • Reduces hospital readmissions

The AdaptHealth Difference

Commitment to compliance

With our aggressive follow-up protocol, we work diligently with each patient to verify and encourage utilization, which ensures they are receiving the desired benefits.


Our clinical staff utilizes advanced technology to support our plan of care and intervene proactively to prevent exacerbation or hospitalization.

Outcome driven

We track and provide validated data points such as CAT score stabilization, consistent utilization, and hospital readmission reduction. We ensure the patient is benefiting from their therapy.

Optimal therapy

We focus on providing the right solution for each patient. By carrying multiple equipment options, we can serve our patient’s specific and changing needs.

Dedication to ambulation

Our team understands how important mobility is for our patients, both emotionally and physically. We utilize both Portable Oxygen Concentrators and wearable NIV devices to keep patients as ambulatory as possible.

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Unprecedented Respiratory Outcomes

AdaptHealth’s outstanding respiratory care program has expanded with the Nexus software platform that transforms lives by reducing hospitalizations and improving quality of life. Every patient is automatically enrolled in the proven AdaptHealth Nexus program.

Current Program Results

Nexus outcome data from patients assessed 11/2018 – 4/2024
AdaptHealth outcome data and savings calculated based on CMS hospitalization data