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The Path to Sleep Success

Your Journey Starts Here.

Days 1-30

Congratulations on your next stop to becoming healthy!

Start using your machine tonight, & your machine 4+ hours a night every night*

Your Sleep Coach team will be available to support you your first 90 days and they may even reach out if we notice any issues.

Days 31-60

Schedule a follow up visit with your physician to check on your progress and any potential insurance requirements.

Days 61-90

You’re nearing the end of your initial compliance period. Focus on finishing your third month strong by achieving compliance!

Days 91+

As you end your initial compliance period it will be time to replenish your supplies. Our Resupply team will be contacting you to get started.

You will want to continue to replenish your disposable supplies approximately every three months by either phone, email, text.

After 5 years, you may be eligible for a new replacement PAP machine. Contact us so we can get your new order started.

Sleep Coach Team
  • We will contact you within 24-48 hours to check in and see how thing are going
  • You will have continued support in your first 90 days of receiving your PAP machine.
  • We will closely monitor to make sure you are not having mask leaks and if you are struggling using your machine, we are here to help you.
  • You will receive emails with tips and tricks on how to get used to your PAP machine, how to order supplies after day 90, reminders on changing out supplies.

If you need to reach out to our Sleep Coach team, please contact us here.

Resupply Team
  • After day 90 our Resupply team will be reaching out to you by phone, email, or text to make sure you are replacing your disposable supplies as recommended by the manufacturers.
  • Common reasons for replacement, cushions & pillows wear out and become less comfortable, humidifier chamber and tubing can harbor bacteria, filters keep your machine running smoothly and keeps air clean

Rapid Reorder makes resupply simple. Call us at 877-831-2871

*Please note that the frequency of PAP supplies and your insurance’s coverage of supplies will be governed by your insurance plan and may differ from the schedule provided.

*Applicable copays/deductibles etc.

Keeping your PAP supplies fresh & clean.

Recommended schedule for cleaning & replacing PAP supplies.